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We enjoy success, but we know that "numbers" are not everything, so we work hard, but sometimes we also play, so that we are always ready to adapt to the needs of the client or candidate. While many HR consultants recently proclaim that they "do it differently", we try to do the search for employees in the field of IT and the related consulting efficiently, ethically, humanely and at the same time as professionally as possible.
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Finding the right leaders has always been a fascinating task. Not only professional experience and skills count, but also charisma, commitment and the ability to inspire others.

The life science and medical technology sectors are experiencing a digital transformation and successful placements are becoming even more challenging. As a consultant, you need intuition, creativity and experience to find and approach the right managers. In our digital world, this means increasingly breaking new ground and abandoning old methods. We love building bridges so people can successfully connect for future business ventures!

We will find the "perfect fit" for your management and key positions.
We use innovative search methods and technologies.
We maintain an open dialogue and feedback with our customers and candidates.
We use agile working methods.
We understand your business and the challenges.

Our Stanards

Quality at every step in the process

This includes people, technology, processes, service quality and innovative strength. Everything we do should reflect the best quality and highest standards. We conduct our activities in accordance with our ethical principles and compliance rules.

  • Acting with integrity and responsibility is an indispensable key element of our corporate culture at Talentor Advanced Search. For us, integrity is more important than short-term business success. In the interest of all our stakeholders, customers, candidates and employees, we always act openly, fairly and transparently.
  • Rigid gender roles limit the performance of companies. Our standardized selection processes reflect gender equality and give everyone the same opportunity to apply for any position.
  • We do not discriminate based on gender, religion, spirituality, national/ethnic origin, political opinions, sexual orientation, disability, age or any other factor that does not directly affect the candidate in a job situation.
  • We are strongly committed to diversity in recruitment and share a commitment to combating racism, prejudice and discrimination within our own organization, among candidates, our clients and in our communities.
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Talentor International

A game changer network

Talentor Advanced Search is part of Talentor International, a global network of executive search experts who work very closely together on international mandates. If the search for executives is to be expanded on an international level, a successful placement often becomes even more difficult. Trust in our business partners is an essential part of this. All Talentor partners know each other personally, know about the working methods and the special features in the different countries and are happy to pass on this comprehensive know-how to our customers.

Common values ​​and quality standards around the world

All Talentor partners have extensive competence in recruiting and executive search and specialize in the search for experts in the middle and upper management segment. Talentor partners share the same way of working and the same high quality standards. Talentor International is continuously expanding its network and establishing contacts with people who share our high quality standards. We cooperate globally, with team spirit and we enjoy our work.

Get to know our partners in other countries: https://talentor.com/locations


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