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IT Recruitment

Talentor's ITsearch division excels in IT recruitment, connecting you with top tech talent that fuels innovation. Benefit from our deep industry insights, vast network, and efficient process. We transform hiring from a challenge into a strategic advantage in the competitive IT landscape.
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Jan Růžička

IT Recruitment Manager

"At Talentor ITsearch, we believe that working in IT is more than just a job - it's a passion. We connect skilled professionals with innovative companies and help build successful teams that push the boundaries of the technology world. We love finding needles in haystacks!"

Why should you make ITsearch your partner for search and selection services:

  • Deep understanding: Talentor has a deep understanding of the IT industry, trends and specific role requirements, enabling us to identify the perfect fit for your needs.
  • Extensive network: Our extensive network of contacts in the IT industry enhances our ability to connect you with top quality, hard-to-find technical talent.
  • Speed and efficiency: Our expertise and resources streamline the IT recruitment process, reducing time to hire without compromising candidate quality.
  • Scalability: Regardless of the size of your organisation or the number of IT roles you have to fill, our recruitment services can scale to meet your specific needs.
  • Strategic advantage: By securing the right talent for your IT roles, we turn recruitment into a strategic advantage, positioning your organisation for success in a highly competitive industry.

Positions we successfully help our clients hire for are usually:

Software development life cycle sdlc

Software Developers, Engineers, Architects

  • C# .NET ASP.NET, Objective-C
  • Java, C++, Embedded C
  • Mobile developers (Android/Kotlin, iOS/Swift)
  • JavaScript /TypeScript (React, Vue, Angular, NodeJS)
  • PHP, Scala, Perl, Ruby/RoR
  • Python (Django, Flask), GO
  • BI/DWH Engineers (PowerBi, R, Tableau)
  • F#, Clojure, Haskell, Erlang

QA specialists

  • Automation and/or Manual Testers
  • Quality Engineers (Selenium, Jenkins, Appium)
We fill positions from the entire technology stack
We fill positions from the entire technology stack

Infrastructure and Processes Specialists

  • Linux/Unix, Windows Engineers and Admins
  • DB Administrators, Developers and Specialists (Oracle, PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, GraphQL)
  • Cloud Developers and Eng's (Azure, AWS, GCP)
  • Infrastructure & microservices specialists (Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift)
  • Security specialists and researchers
  • Agile/Scrum & Kanban, Kaizen Masters
  • DevOps Engineers, CI/CD
  • System and Business Analysts
  • SAP & Salesforce Consultants, etc

Team & Tech Leaders and Managers


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