Terms of use

The following rights and obligations apply to Talentor Advanced Search and persons who create a free career profile at Talentor (hereafter referred to as "Candidates").

Rights & obligations of a user of a career profile free of charge

  1. Talentor enables its candidates to register a career profile on talentor.com free of charge. The registration is for an indefinite period and necessitates the entering of an email address and Talentor is to confirm the address. By registering, the candidate also consents to his data being accessed by Talentor consultants.
  2. Talentor provides the candidates with the assurance that all of the information they provide shall be treated in confidence but it is also entitled to avail itself of the services of order processors (service providers) when processing the information, this necessitating a release from this duty of non-disclosure.
  3. Candidates have an obligation to treating all information regarding companies that are suggested by Talentor in confidence and to not passing such on to third parties.
  4. The candidate has a duty to keep his password secret. The candidate can change the password at all times.
  5. The candidate is prohibited from entering incorrect, misleading or other information that is deemed to be illegal. Any actions that could undermine the network or system security or could otherwise serve to intend this purpose (e.g. installing a virus or Trojan), are prohibited and shall be subjected to civil and criminal prosecution. Talentor has the right to delete such data.
  6. Talentor conducts the search for potential candidates, the selection interviews and procedures on behalf of the companies on an impartial and objective basis. We especially do not issue any obliging reports. Each of the candidates shall be evaluated by us on the basis of objective criteria and conform with the specifications issued by our clients.
  7. Talentor strictly complies with the provisions of Equal Treatment Acts. Candidate profiles submitted by us to our clients, with the exception of gender and date of birth, do not contain any information that could constitute grounds for discrimination in accordance with Equal Treatment Acts. We expressly inform our clients that neither the sex nor the age is to provide grounds for discrimination.
  8. Candidates consent to Talentor providing them with suitable job offers by telephone, email or other communication media, e.g. social networks.
  9. Candidates can contact data.protection@talentor.com should they have any questions regarding data protection. Candidates shall find more detailed data protection information in the Data Protection Declaration.
  10. Our service is solely provided for candidates that have attained the age of 16. Talentor reserves the right to delete profiles that have been posted by younger candidates.
  11. Talentor reserves the right to delete your candidate profile should your last profile update be older than 5 years or should we be unable to suggest a position within a period of 5 years.