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Executive Search

As Talentor, we offer search and selection services that are targeted, efficient, and discreet for key roles. You'll benefit from our extensive industry knowledge, global network, and commitment to diversity. With us, you're not just hiring - you're strategically positioning talent.
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Tomáš Prajzler

Managing Partner

"Direct (Executive) Search is no longer exclusive to filling management roles. At Talentor, we apply these meticulous methods to source any qualified personnel. Ensuring a precise match, we make every hire a strategic addition to your team."

Why should you make Talentor your partner for search and selection services:

  • Wide-ranging sourcing: we apply all available sourcing tools and methods ranging from AI powered technology all the way to "good old direct approach".
  • Targeted approach: As Talentor, we focus on finding specific, high-level talent for key roles, ensuring a perfect fit with your organisation's unique needs.
  • Accurate selection: Using the Performance Based Hiring methodology, Talentor has an excellent track record in selecting the best candidates.
  • Industry & local market expertise: With an in-depth understanding of various industries, we ensure that the candidates we present are aligned with the specific needs and trends of your industry.
  • Global reach: Our global network expands our search capabilities, providing a broader pool of potential candidates to fill your executive roles.
  • Discretion and confidentiality: We prioritise the confidentiality of your organisation and potential candidates during the search process and maintain the utmost discretion throughout.
  • Commitment to Diversity: Our approach to executive search is deeply rooted in the promotion of diversity, as we believe that diverse leadership can enhance innovation and decision-making within your organisation.
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